7 Durable Reciprocating Saw Reviews – Choose The Pefrect Tool in 2019

When you need reliability from a power tool, you have several options.

Why settle for a second rate model when you can have the very best reciprocating saw instead?

Of course, if you really want the best, you need to put in the research. What follows is a handy list of some of the very best Sawzall models currently available. With all of the info at your fingertips, you can quickly come to a decision.

Name Image Power Source Overall Rating Detail
Black & Decker BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw Battery-powered 10 CHECK PRICE
DeWalt DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw Battery-powered 9.5 CHECK PRICE
Ryobi P514 18V Cordless One+ Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw Battery-powered 9.5 CHECK PRICE
DeWalt DCS387B 20-volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw Battery-powered 9 CHECK PRICE
Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Body Saber Saw Air-powered 8.5 CHECK PRICE
Porter Cable PCC670B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tigersaw Battery-powered 9 CHECK PRICE
Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall Corded 9 CHECK PRICE

Black & Decker BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

Black & Decker BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

88 %
92 %
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Armed with 20 volts of sheer pulsing power, the Black & Decker BDCR20B is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike. It has been hailed by industry experts as one of the best cordless reciprocating saws on the market. It comes complete with a wide range of features that will make your work a breeze.

This unit comes with 1 reciprocating saw blade. This is an excellent tool to work with if you are just getting used to the idea of handling a reciprocating saw. It’s a bit more compact and lightweight than some other models on the market.

However, you should be aware that “easier handling” does not mean that you shouldn’t take safety precautions.

If you liked its power source, you’ll love the actual design specs. The feature that makes this unit one of the best corded reciprocating saw models is its sturdy and efficient construction.

All reciprocating saws vibrate. This one is no exception. You will need to grip the saw with both hands in order to deal with this issue. It will certainly take some getting used to. Its hard plastic shell is purposely designed to keep the vibration to a minimum but you will still notice it.

What’s more?

The unit comes with a special LED work light that will let you keep using the saw long after dark. This is a handy feature if you work outside.

The Black & Decker BDCR20B features a 3000 spm motor that affords the user maximum power and penetration. Meanwhile, you are also bound to take notice of the included variable speed trigger and electric brake system that will give you an additional level of control.

The amazingly resilient cordless power source of the Black & Decker BDCR20B clearly marks it as one of the best Sawzall models currently available. You’ll be pleased to know that much of this praise is due to its unique power source.

Like all the best cordless saws, this model needs no extra source of power beyond its specially designed 20-volt battery. The unit is completely self-contained and ready to be used as soon as it is powered up for the job.

  • A specially formulated variable speed trigger
  • 7/8 inch stroke length
  • 20 volt initial voltage charge
  • Blade can be charged without the use of special tools
  • Powerful high-speed motor
  • Well designed case
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Brushless motor
  • Superior electronic controls
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Long time for batteries to charge
  • A lot of vibration

Black & Decker 20V Max Lithium Reciprocating Saw #BDCR20B

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DeWalt DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw

One of the best new Sawzall cordless models is the new DeWalt DCS380B. If you’re looking for a handy cordless model that can peek into all hidden nooks and crannies that previous saws completely failed to navigate, this is the one to check out.

You can choose any DeWalt blade you need as no blade is included with this particular unit out of the box. You should also note that the charger will take quite a long time to do its job.

However, the included pivoting adjustable shoe is a major plus for added safety.


DeWalt DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw

95 %
85 %
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The unit comes complete in one piece and is made of over-molded rubber. It weighs in at a handy 1 pound. In short, the DeWalt DCS380B is designed to deliver maximum results in a very small package.

We can safely say that it definitely lives up to the initial hype. It comes complete with a range of exciting new features including:

The DeWalt DCS380B is powered by a 20-volt battery that is not included. The unit is completely cordless. The model is self-contained and ready to use after an initial charging period. It also contains a variable speed trigger that will give you an increase in both cut speed and blade control.

  • Pivoting adjustable shoe for increased blade longevity
  • 4-position blade clamp that allows for a wide variety of flush cutting and other adjustable positions
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Made of hard molded rubber material for years of hard use
  • Quick release blade change
  • Very powerful motor
  • Handles very well
  • LED work light
  • Hard-shell design for durability
  • Vibrates heavily
  • Balance may need time to get used to
  • Heavier than some other models

DeWALT DCS380L1 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit

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Ryobi P514 18V Cordless One+ Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw


88 %
78 %
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The new Ryobi P514 is one of the world’s best selling models for a reason.

It’s long been regarded as one of the best Sawzall cordless models on the market.

This unit comes with 2 special blades, one for wood and the other for metal.

What can you say about engineering perfection?

The new Ryobi P514 comes pretty close to attaining this long-cherished goal. Its hard molded rubber shell keeps the emphasis on portability. All in all, the design of this handy new model is highly commendable. With this in mind, it’s good to take a look at some of its leading features. These include:

If you’re looking for power, this handy and compact model has it to spare. It’s packed with 18 volts of cordless power that give it the edge over similarly sized models. It also comes with a specially designed anti-vibration handle that makes it easy to keep a grip on.

  • Solid non-slip hard rubber molding
  • Retro-compatibility with all previous types of Ryobi Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Lever-activated blade mechanism allows you to switch blades without the use of any extra tools
  • 18 volts of reliable, efficient power
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Quick change blade release
  • LED work light
  • Hard-shell case for extra durability
  • Shock-proof electronic design
  • Smaller than other models, so more vibration
  • A bit more expensive than some other models

Ryobi One+ Anti-Vibe Reciprocating Saw Review Model# P514

Pro Tip
Always keep the blade lubed up
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DeWalt DCS387B 20-volt MAX Compact Reciprocating Saw

What does it take to get you to take notice of one of the best cordless reciprocating saw?

The unit comes with a specially designed 4-position blade clamp for improved strength in cutting. The variable speed trigger switch will allow you to handle more surfaces with extra precision.

The DEWALT-DCS387B blade is set to give you increased stroke length which makes the job a lot faster.


95 %
95 %
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Not many Sawzall models have this level of professional design. The DeWalt DCS387B was specially engineered by experts to be the best at making cuts in confined spaces. If you are looking for a handy, lightweight unit that can cut along or between studs and other cramped areas, this is the one to choose.

When it comes to choosing a powerful and affordable reciprocating saw, you can’t pass this beauty up. It has all of the features that you have come to expect from a model worthy of the DeWalt name. Some of the prominent features include:

Like the other models on this list, the DeWalt DCS387B is cordless. But that is where the similarity ends. Any of the various 20-volt batteries that have ever been associated with DeWalt models will fit.

Once properly charged, the unit has been designed to live up to the standards of the very best Sawzall cordless models that DeWalt has to offer.

  • Smallest, most lightweight and portable model in its class
  • 20 volts of guaranteed cord-free power
  • 1-1/8″ stroke length for faster and more precise cutting
  • Variable speed trigger switch
  • Small size gives it extra versatility
  • Motor is extremely powerful for a unit of this size
  • Variable speed motor ensures easier handling
  • Brushless motor
  • Less vibration than some other models
  • No LED lights included
  • No safety buttons included
  • Unit can heat up very quickly

Dewalt DCS387 Compact 20 Volt Reciprocating Saw

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Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Body Saber Saw

Astro Pneumatic Tool 930

80 %
72 %
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Not every surface is completely round or completely flat. This means that not every saw operation is going to progress in the same manner.

How many times have you longed for a fully portable Sawzall unit that could cut complex and intricate shapes on unlikely surfaces?

If this has been a common theme in your life, you’re going to agree that the new Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 is definitely one of the best corded reciprocating saw models currently available on the market.

The design of the Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 is at once classy and functional, isn’t it?

It isn’t exactly a work of art by itself but it will definitely get the job done. The body is made of custom molded hard plastic. The unit as a whole weighs an amazingly lightweight 1.65 pounds.

The lack of LED lights means that you will have to use this model during the daylight hours. This can be a pain if you have work that needs to be continued after dark.

However, the included blade is fully adjustable to fit the surface you are working on. This means that once indoors under the proper lighting, you should be able to finish your job in a faster and more precise manner. This unit is especially recommended for cutting pipes and metal fixtures in your home or garage.

This beauty comes complete with a long list of prime features that include the following:

How much power can you handle in one small handheld device?

If you’re interested in the new Astro Pneumatic Tool 930, one thing is certain: You’re bound to get more than you bargained for.

There are 20 volts of cordless, battery operated power under the hood of this unit. Its precision and portability make it one of the best Sawzall models you can buy at this price.

  • Excellent for cutting through aluminum plastic fiberglass, and sheet metal
  • Cordless operation allows for maximum maneuverability
  • Fully adjustable blade guide
  • Useful for cutting intricate shapes on flat surfaces
  • Priced less expensively than some other models
  • Slip-proof hard plastic case
  • Molded grip for better handling
  • LED work light
  • Compact design
  • No safety buttons
  • Vibration can be excessive at times

Pro Tip
Always keep the shoe covered for your safety
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Porter Cable PCC670B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tigersaw

The new Porter Cable is shaping up to be one of the season’s greatest surprises. No one thought that this new model would turn out to be one of the very best cordless reciprocating saws.

Industry experts have declared the new unit a smashing success and it’s really not hard to see why.

The variable speed trigger on this model is an especially attractive feature. It allows you to use the unit at faster and slower speeds in order to conserve power. This feature will also allow you to cut and shape surfaces with a greater degree of precision.



88 %
95 %
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This latest Porter Cable model is made of modern hard-molded plastic. It is warrantied for 3 years and guaranteed to stand up to the most stringent use. If you are in the market for a model that will last for years to come, this is the one to check out. It comes complete with a specially molded, extremely durable handle that will give you a reliable grip.

Some of the most celebrated features of this very popular new model include the following:

This battery powered unit offers a competitive 20 volts of efficient power. The most important feature is a specially designed drive train that delivers 1″ stroke length. The model requires a nonstandard lithium-ion battery that needs to be purchased separately.

  • Special high performance drivetrain
  • Blades are changeable without the use of extra tools
  • Portable, lightweight design (4 pounds total)
  • Variable speed trigger for extra versatility in action
  • Extremely powerful engine
  • LED work light
  • Safety buttons included
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Quick lock blade change
  • Batteries not included.
  • Vibration takes some getting used to
  • The case is good but not as durable as some other models

PORTER CABLE PCC670B 20 volt MAX Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tigersaw

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Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall

Milwaukee 6519-31

80 %
72 %
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Last but certainly far from least on our list is the new Milwaukee 6519-31.

For one of the top reciprocating saw models in the country, you’d think you were in for a consumer shakedown. But the very reverse is true.

This is one of the finest and most reasonably priced models out there. Its affordable price is very well matched by its quality and users’ satisfaction.

The design of this model is simply impeccable. Its hard-molded plastic construction keeps the weight down to a very manageable 12 pounds. This means that you will have to deal with less of the usual vibration that can make handling this type of saw very difficult.

Meanwhile, its quick lock technology lets you replace the blade without having to use extra tools. It also makes for a much safer transition between old and new blades.

However, you should note that the included LED light tends to wear out quickly and will need to be replaced. This may make working out of doors somewhat difficult. Its range of features includes:

If you’re looking for a unit that packs a serious wallop, you’ll love what you get with this one. Its 3,000 strokes per minute capacity is rivaled by very few other models.

However, you should be aware that speed isn’t the only advantage this unit delivers. Its vibration reduction technology makes sure that you can reliably grip the unit in order to perform even the most intricate and complex tasks.

  • The new quick lock function allows for faster and safer replacement of blades
  • Vibration reduction feature makes the unit much safer and easier to handle
  • Special included carrying case makes storing the unit much easier
  • Special high power motor achieves speeds of up to 3,000 strokes per second
  • Less expensive than similar models
  • Handles extremely well
  • Doesn’t heat up as quickly as other models
  • Hard-molded plastic design for extra durability
  • Lighter in weight than other models
  • Somewhat more expensive than other models
  • LED work light tends to wear out quickly
  • Batteries are not included
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How To Choose the Best Reciprocating Saw – Buyer’s Guide

What kind of saw are you looking for? And just how powerful do you need it to be? For that matter, how much power can you safely handle?

These are a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are considering whether or not to buy a reciprocating saw.

  • How Much Power Do You Need?

So how powerful of a saw should you be looking for?

If you are simply looking for a handy tool to assist you in jobs around the house, you’re probably better off getting a model that provides between 8 and 10 amps of power. This is more than enough to cut through most any material, such as fittings and pipes, that you will encounter there.

If you need a more powerful device for bigger jobs, such as the kind of materials that are found in industrial or construction sites, you need a bigger saw. You should choose one that provides from 12 to 15 amps. These are the big boys that are reserved for the biggest jobs, such as cutting through stone and heavy metal fixtures.

  • All Saws Vibrate. How Much Can You Handle?

The biggest factor in choosing your saw will probably be how much vibration you can handle. If you aren’t used to this phenomenon, you are definitely better off getting a saw that has a built-in vibration protector. This usually comes in the form of an enhanced grip that you can hold on to with both hands. If you’ve never held a powerful reciprocating saw before, this is one feature you will come to appreciate.

Another factor to consider is the sheer weight of the unit. A cordless model is more convenient for outdoor work. However, it is also much heavier. If you are not used to working with this device, it’s a good idea to pace yourself. It’s not unlike working with a jackhammer for the first time. Make sure you stay aware of your surroundings.

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How To Use

The reciprocating saw is extremely easy to use. However, it does require some getting used to. This is particularly true if you have purchased one of the higher powered models. The Sawzall is equipped with a blade that moves in a very quick, push-pull kind of motion. You definitely need to grip the handle with both hands in order to maintain a steady grip on it.

This type of tool can be used in a straight-ahead motion, held at an angle, or even used above the head while cutting highly placed pipes. The versatility of direction is one of its most attractive features. However, it’s an excellent idea to get advice from an expert before you try any of these fancier moves unsupervised.

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Saw Types

Reciprocating saws generally come in two distinct categories.


If you are just looking to demolish a few unsightly and bulky bits of wood or metal, a cordless saw is probably the way to go. You won’t be tethered to an electrical outlet in your garage that restricts your freedom of movement.

Cordless saws will tend to weigh and cost more than corded models. However, the list of advantages that comes with cutting the cord should be enough to sway you in this direction. You can certainly maneuver through a much wider range of materials. The main advantage is that you can cut to your heart’s content in any environment, whether indoor or outdoor.


A corded model is lighter, usually less expensive, and ideal for indoor work. This may include cutting sheet metal into shape or removing rusted or leaking plumbing fixtures from your home. This kind of work usually involves much less stress.

They tend to weigh much less than cordless models. They have less range and may be a hassle to navigate through more resistant areas with. For this reason, they are best used in a controlled indoor setting. If you plan any construction work outdoors watch the weather conditions constantly!

However, the bigger the surface, the more power you will need to get the job done. This means that using a high powered 20-volt cordless model will involve quite a bit more strenuous labor. You will need to be fully up to date not only on how to use a heavier cordless model but also on how to keep yourself safe during the operation.

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Blade Types

There are a number of different blade types that are used by reciprocating saws. The most common is a fine-tooth or hacksaw blade that works wonders when cutting through rough surfaces like metal pipes.

There is also a coarse blade that is most commonly used for cutting wood. Related to this is the ultra-coarse blade that works well on surfaces such as plaster.

Finally, there is a special toothless blade that is coated with tungsten carbide. This type of blade is most generally used for cutting through stone.

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Reciprocating saws can be hard to get a grip on at first. It’s a good idea to always hold the saw at an angle that points away from your body. You should use protective gear while operating the unit. Safety goggles are particularly recommended.

If you accidentally bend or break the blade, turn the unit off immediately and replace it. A bent or broken blade can lead straight to an accident that can cause injuries.

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What surfaces are reciprocating saws best used on?

Reciprocating saws can be used to great effect on all manner of surfaces from wood to plaster, sheetrock to aluminum, and even stone. Depending on the type of saw that you purchase, you can perform a wide variety of tasks.

These may include reducing and shaping a surface or simply cutting it into pieces that can be easily disposed of. Your list of options with a reciprocating saw is as wide as your imagination.

Are they worth purchasing?

The second question can be answered with a clear and resounding yes. For an average price of $100, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll be getting 3 to 5 good years’ worth of use from the average saw and possibly more than that if you buy one of the models listed here. It’s an investment that will quickly see a more than ample return.

9.5 Total Score
Final Verdict

Black & Decker BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating SawEvery list of best cordless reciprocating saws has to conclude with a clear winner. In this case, it has to be the first on our list, the Black & Decker BDCR20B.

Its combination of sheer power and artistic finesse really sets it apart from other worthy models. Add in its efficiency, durability, and portability, and you pretty much have the description of the best Sawzall on this list.

There's also the fact that it can be used in nearly every application. This includes flat and curved surfaces made of nearly every conceivable type of material.

The sheer range of versatility that this unit encompasses makes it the best reciprocating saw the market.

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